Air Pollution Abatement

APA – Air Pollution Abatement is a disruptive technology, the unique filterless, modular and flexible, intelligent platform to control and abate ambient air pollution, integrated with IoT, energy efficiency solutions and multiservices, for indoor and outdoor.

Thanks to chemical – physical – mechanical integrated processes, using only water, APA successfully abates most pollutants of the ambient air, reducing dust, gas, odors, bacteria, viruses in the full safety of health and requalification of the territory.

APA is a qualified technolgy at the service of people and environment,

it is certified as Best Available Technology (BAT – IPCC 2008/1/CE ) and Key Enabling Technology (KET) with highest R&D and innovation value, of systemic and strategic relevance across all industrial sectors underpinning the shift to a greener economy and providing the bases for Europe’s modernization and new development (COM(2009)0512).

The European Commission – Horizon 2020 Programme has officially rewarded APA with the high-quality “Seal of Excellence” label to certificate its value based on three criteria: excellence, impact and quality, efficiency of implementation judged by independent, international experts.

Ground-level action
Zero Filter – Zero Waste
Public grants and subsidies (Industry 4.0, R&D Projects, ecc.)
Multi-shape, modular and scalable
Low TCO, energy efficiency
Outdoor e Indoor

Real-time monitoring, locally and remotely – «Switch-off» option


Multimedia and multi-service


APA adopts an innovative, intelligent distributed logic of pollution absorbers interconnected in a network or “cluster” to increase pollution abatement, efficiency and cloud-based monitoring. It is an exclusive patent worldwide, flexible and modular, you can structure and size a cluster of APA according to specific needs, on different sources of emissions (distributed or punctual, stationery or mobile) and several shapes from single domestic or office furniture to projects of urban architecture, private and public.


The progress in R&D and new technology applications development, the risk and resources management in this complex and fastpaced ecosystem, the solid experience on strictly regulated markets make us the accountable partner and innovative solution provider for Clean Air projects, indoor and outdoor, for public and private goals

– Clean Air solution: crossfunctional, standard or personalized, standalone or integrated in multimedia platform, for an economic intelligence and sustainable, safe air life style

– Clean Air services: strategic analysis and approach for normative compliance and Corporate Responsibility issues

Urban - Clean air city

We address the urban growth challenge with new models of services for the City of
Tomorrow. We project and enable healthier, resilient and sustainable Clean Air Smart City to benefit citizen, corporates and municipalities.

Commercial and Retail areas: mall, shops, showroom

Community services: amusement parks and entertainment clubs, banks, clinics and hospital, cinemas, expo areas, food courts, garden and parks, gym and stadium, museums, schools, shopping areas, smoking areas, theatres, workplaces…

Mobility: airports, bus stations, cycle lanes, garage and parking areas, harbors, highways, metro, railway stations, petrol stations

Private and Public infrastructures: bridges, buildings, streets, squares, tunnels

Industrial - Clean air industry

We rethink and redesign each Enterprise as the entity responsible towards each person who acts and interacts with, by starting from the ambient air it makes us to breathe, crucial to health, work and life quality.

APA can be easily installed and integrated with pre-existing control and automation infrastructures, HVAC technologies of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort, anti-pollution systems and air treatment units in all the manufacturing, production lines and operational area complying with the limits prescribed by law.

It reduces the risk of exposure to pollutants acting as a Device for Collective Control at the surface and at the source of emission. It reduces the air flow from outside enabling a controlled variable environment, improving the energy efficiency, lowering the running costs for a more sustainable management.

  • Chemical and coloring
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Construction & Forniture
  • Farms and stables
  • F&B
  • Manufacturing of wood, paper, cellulose
  • Metal and steel
  • Oil and refinery
  • Plastic and fiber glass
  • Printing
  • Textile
  • Warehouse and waste deposits